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Mesh Pool Fence vs Iron Pool Fence

So, you’ve decided that you are going to install a pool fence in Phoenix. That’s great! This is one of the most important steps you can take to create a safe environment around your pool. As long as your mesh pool fence or iron pool fence is installed correctly and used correctly – the gates are kept shut – it can provide you with valuable security and peace of mind. You still need to be smart and take other safety precautions, of course, but a pool fence is a great starting point toward building a secure environment.

Before that fence goes up, you’ll need to decide what material you would like to use. The two main players in the pool fence market are mesh and iron. Each can make a great selection, so you’ll have to do a bit of homework before settling on the right one for your needs. We’d like to give you a head start on that homework by offering some basic information on the topic. By the end of this article, the decision you need to make on mesh vs iron pool fence should be a bit easier.

The Case for Mesh Fence

You have probably seen a mesh pool fence before, even if you didn’t think much of it at the time. These are popular types of pool fences, for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of the key benefits to choosing mesh in this debate.

Removable mesh pool fence wrapped around pool – Peoria, AZ.

  • It is removable – Perhaps the biggest positive to be listed here is that a mesh pool fence is typically installed in a way that makes it easy to remove when not in use. So, for example, you may have this fence installed around your residential home, so it can be used as a barrier to keep kids or pets away from the water. However, if your kids are going to be away and you are going to have a party with only adults, you may wish to take down the fence to open up the space. That will be a simple task with a mesh pool fence.

  • Cost-effective – In most cases, a mesh pool fence will be less expensive than an iron pool fence. When on a tight budget, opting for mesh may be the right decision. Of course, it is still important to purchase a quality product, and a cheap mesh fence may not be able to do the job it was meant to do.

  • Visual appeal – For some people, a mesh fence looks more visually attractive than an iron fence. This is definitely a case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, however. You’ll have to decide for yourself which of these two options looks better on your property.

There is a lot to like about choosing mesh for your pool fence material. You will likely save money as compared to iron, you may prefer the look, and a quality mesh fence will stand up nicely even during our hot Phoenix summers here in Arizona.

The Case for Wrought Iron Fencing

Before you run out and purchase your mesh pool fence, take a moment to consider what iron has to bring to this discussion.

  • Sturdy construction – As you might suspect, using iron for your pool fence will result in a rather robust barrier. When installed correctly, an iron fence is going to be virtually impossible for a child to go through – although climbing the fence may be a possibility, depending on its design. It will be important to monitor the condition of the fence over time to make sure rust has not compromised its strength.

  • Visual appeal – Yes, we are listing this point again here, as some people will feel that iron pool fences provide a better look than mesh. Take some time to look at photos of each type of fence to decide where you come down on this debate.

  • Coordinate with other landscape features – It’s unlikely that you are using mesh anywhere else in your landscape design, so a mesh fence will probably stand out in your yard. On the other hand, you may have some other iron in use, such as for a gate along the side of your house. That means you might be able to coordinate this iron pool fence nicely with other features, tying together your overall landscape nicely.

Coming to a Conclusion

We are not going to be able to determine a winner for you in the matter of mesh vs iron pool fence. Simply put, they can both work nicely in the right situation. For most pool fence buyers here in Phoenix, AZ, the goal is to add safety to the space while maintaining visual appeal at the same time. That can be accomplished with a mesh pool fence, and an iron pool fence can do the job, as well. Take some time to examine these two options more closely and the right one for your needs will likely become clear.

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