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Arizona Gates & Covers


Having the peace of mind knowing you are keeping your loved ones safe and out of harms way with a secure gate or pool cover is comforting. Find yours below.

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Pool Covers

There is no such thing as too much safety as far as a pool is concerned – especially when you have children living in your home, or children who frequently visit your home. Of course, one of the best starting points for Arizona pool safety is a pool fence, which hopefully you have already installed. However, once your fence is up, there is still more than you can do to guard against accidents. Specifically, you can have a pool safety cover or net installed to greatly reduce the chances of a young child ending up in the water while unsupervised.


Custom Gates

We believe each home or commercial property is unique and deserves a gate with just as much character. From traditional or simple modern gate designs we can create and install it all! We offer unique gate designs to our customers all over the Phoenix Metro Valley. Find your inspiration of one of our many custom gate installs by clicking the link below!


Iron Railings

In addition to offering reliable installation service, we also have a wide selection of iron railings for you to pick from to really give your home that extra level of security and a sure-fire "WOW" factor. By picking the complementary railings for your needs, you will be able to look at your home with an increased sense of pride each time you return home after a long day.


Ornimental Work

We understand that you don’t want to take away from the aesthetics of your home just to add some security and peace of mind, so we make it a point to offer a slew of ornamental work that is both secure and attractive. Providing extra safety to your Arizona home does not have to forfeit the overall beauty of your house. Whether that be a custom dog cage or breathtaking security sidelite, we do it all. See more by clicking below.

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