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Pool Safety Covers


Adding a pool cover or net is a great option because they offer a physical barrier between the child and the water itself. Find yours with AZ Fence Pros today!

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Pool Covers

There is no such thing as too much safety as far as a pool is concerned – especially when you have children living in your home, or children who frequently visit your home. Of course, one of the best starting points for Arizona pool safety is a pool fence, which hopefully you have already installed. However, once your fence is up, there is still more than you can do to guard against accidents. Specifically, you can have a pool safety cover or net installed to greatly reduce the chances of a young child ending up in the water while unsupervised.

If the child is somehow able to access the pool despite the presence of a fence – for example, if the gate is left open by accident – there will be another layer of protection in place for your peace of mind. When a pool net or cover is properly installed and maintained, there will be nearly no way for a child (or a pet) to physically reach the water. Redundancy is important in any safety system, and that is exactly what you will have when you combine a quality Arizona pool fence with a safety net or cover.

These safety pool covers can be used during those winter months keeping children, pets, and even debris out of the pool. Using this cover can save you money all year round in keeping your pool clean when you aren't swimming!


Arizona P00l Fence Law

Having a pool fence in Arizona is not only a smart decision – it is the law. While the law varies based on a variety of circumstances, you will often need to have one in place in order to comply. For instance, if you have children under six years of age living in your home, you will need to have an Arizona pool fence in place. Obviously you want to do the right thing to keep everyone safe, but complying with the law is even an added motivation to have an iron pool fence installed promptly. Visit to learn more information on pool fence laws in Arizona.


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