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Mesh Pool Fence


We know that pool fencing is essential for safety for your Arizona home, but you may not want to block the view of your pool! Mesh Pool Fences can be the best of both worlds. Learn more below. 

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Mesh Pool Fence

A swimming pool is a beautiful feature, and it seems like a crime to block it off behind a fence. However, when you opt for a mesh pool fence, you can have the best of both worlds.

Our mesh pool fence is transparent, so you will still get a great look at the pool even when standing on the outside. The fence will still be providing the security and safety benefits that it was intended to offer, yet you will also be able to enjoy the sparkling blue water that makes your backyard feel like an oasis in the desert.

One of the great advantages to using a mesh pool fence is the ability to remove the fence when it is not necessary – such as for a party when there is going to be adult supervision around the pool at all times. It takes only minutes for an adult to take the fence down when it is not needed, yet the fencing is secured in place at all other times. 

To enable your new Arizona pool fence to blend in nicely with the rest of your property, there are a variety of options available for you to pick from. Those options include various heights, colors, and more. By working with our experienced team to pick out the right options for your new fence, you can come away with a product that looks right at home and protects your pool and those around it.


Arizona Pool Fence Law

Having a pool fence in Arizona is not only a smart decision – it is the law. While the law varies based on a variety of circumstances, you will often need to have one in place in order to comply. For instance, if you have children under six years of age living in your home, you will need to have an Arizona pool fence in place. Obviously you want to do the right thing to keep everyone safe, but complying with the law is even an added motivation to have an iron pool fence installed promptly. Visit to learn more information on pool fence laws in Arizona.


Commercial Pool Fence

Pool fencing in Arizona is not only necessary for residential swimming pools, but for commercial pools as well. For example, nearly every hotel in Arizona offers a swimming pool to its guests, and those pools need to be surrounded by a quality fence to help keep everyone safe. If you own or operate a commercial establishment and you would like a beautiful iron pool fence to keep your guests safe, you have come to the right place. With experience working on commercial projects, you can count on our team to get the job done right, and get it done on time.


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