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Why Should I Have a Pool Fence in Arizona?

Arizona is one of the hottest states in the country. According to 24/7 Wall St., Phoenix is the hottest city in the United States, seeing an annual average of 169 days with temperatures at 90 degrees Fahrenheit or more. During July, the daily average high in Phoenix is 106.1 degrees. The only other city that even comes close to Phoenix’s numbers is also in Arizona: Tucson, with an annual average of 146 days at or above 90 degrees. Other major cities in Arizona—Scottsdale, Peoria, and Gilbert—are relatively scorching as well.

The heat can scare some people away from Arizona, but it’s incredibly beautiful here. The deserts are marvelous to behold, the Grand Canyon is a true world wonder, the pizza and wine are to die for, and there’s no need to worry about Daylight Savings Time since it isn’t observed. There’s plenty to love about living in Arizona—especially if you can find a way to beat the heat in the summertime.

Removable mesh pool fence wrapped around pool – Peoria, AZ.

Suffice to say there is a reason that many homeowners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Gilbert, and throughout Arizona invest in having swimming pools in their backyard. Nothing feels better than cooling off in the water on a hot Arizona afternoon. For parents, especially, swimming pools can be a terrific way to keep the kids comfortable and entertained at the same time. If you are going to have a swimming pool, though, you’re also going to need a pool fence.

Pool Fence Laws in Arizona

Having a mesh pool fence in Phoenix or an iron pool fence in Gilbert is more than just a personal choice. Indeed, in many situations, pool fencing is a matter of law.

In Arizona, residential pool enclosures are required in households with one or more children younger than the age of six. The pool fence must:

  • Entirely enclose the pool area

  • Be at least five feet tall at all points

  • Have no substantial openings or gaps (except doors or gates)

  • Have no exterior footholds that make the fence easy to climb

  • Be situated at least 20 inches from the water’s edge at all points

These rules are applicable if you have a standalone pool fence in Peoria, Tucson, or any other area in Arizona. In some cases, homeowners may also design the pool enclosure so that it is bound on one or more sides by the residence itself. In such cases, pool fencing is still mandated by law, but the specific requirements are a bit different. Read up on Phoenix Arizona’s pool fencing laws in more detail.

Other Reasons to Install Pool Fencing

If there is not a child younger than six in your home, then you are not required by law to have a pool fence. However, there are still several good reasons to have a mesh pool fence in Phoenix in Scottsdale.

The first reason is liability protection. Just because you don’t have a child who is six years old or younger doesn’t mean that your neighbors don’t. For young kids, pools are “attractive nuisances.” It’s not uncommon for kids to be drawn to swimming pools. The risk of an unsupervised child wandering into your yard, climbing into your swimming pool, and drowning because he or she can’t swim is just not worth it. In addition to the tragic loss of life, you could be held liable for the child’s death in a lawsuit. Doing your part and putting up pool fencing around your swimming pool is the best way to prevent this kind of tragedy.

Another reason is privacy. A swimming pool can be central to your backyard oasis: not only a great place to cool off but also a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy some alone time. You don’t want passersby wondering too close, or neighbors breaking the spell of your relaxation. The right Scottsdale pool fence can provide a good privacy barrier, as well as a safety one.

Finally, pool fences can add aesthetic beauty to your swimming pool area. A pool fence in Gilbert can be a pleasant, elegant complement to both the pool and your yard’s landscaping.

Invest in Pool Fencing Today

Are you looking for a new pool fence in Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, or Gilbert? Our company can provide you with a high-quality mesh iron solution. Give us a call today to learn more.

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